Living life with depression

Living with depression feels like your head is so stuffed it’s stopping your brain from working.

It’s sitting in this same spot for hours re opening apps on your phone to stare but not really see what’s on the screen.

It’s feeling bad because your not keeping in contact with people that care about you and saying you’ll call your mom tomorrow but instead just text her some excuse as to why you can’t talk.

Because talking out loud will take the last bit of energy you have left.

Living with depression is a body simply breathing but your not really living at all.


Fri-yay thoughts/feelings

Ah finally the W E E K E N D

I think it’s safe to say just about everybody spends their week counting down the days till the weekend. I know I do. It’s the two days out of the week I have my whole family together. (Most of the time).

Spending time with my husband on the weekends is just the best. We’ve grown so close in the last few months because of some struggles we’ve had to overcome together. There’s comfort in knowing there’s always someone there for you no matter how hard life can get.

I feel like that’s a rarity these days. Too many people in this world are in it for themselves. Or want the easy way out. I know I’ve come across countless people that use others for selfish reasons. And that you can pour your heart into relationships and friendships just for them to use you. I guess what I’m saying is if you find that special someone… hold onto them.

Life is all about surrounding yourself with the right people.

Sending good weekend vibes to you all.

Why I wanted to start blogging

I’ve been searching the web trying to figure out what to write about here, and the truth is I have no clue. I feel like I have fifty million things running through my mind every second of the day and when it comes time for me to talk about them all, I draw a blank.

I guess this whole blogging thing is weird for me, it’s kind of scary putting yourself out there for anyone to read your thoughts. I’m not sure why that’s such a fear of mine. To be honest it’s the only reason it’s taken me so long so start a blog. But fuck it, it’s a new year and I’m trying to get outside of my comfort zone.

So here I am, typing away and rambling on and on and not saying much. (I do this in real life too, just ask my husband) I guess I’m hoping that typing out my feelings/thoughts can help declutter my head. Kinda like therapy without having to leave my house and actually talk to another human being, ha. I’m going to try to blog once a day, or at least every other day. So yeah that’s all for this one… (hopefully the more I do this the better I get with my word flow) lol

That’s all folks.